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Bold360ai 4.88 release notes

Turning your data into automated conversations with the Conversational Designer

The Conversational Designer expands the old Article Editor capabilities so that, in addition to simple search-based articles, it supports building conversations with multiple questions and answers using various sources such as CSV and JSON.

The improved Conversational bot makes smoother conversations based on user queries. For example, the bot will not ask anything it already knows and can change the questions’ order.

In addition, the bot decides the smartest order of questions to let end-users provide the least number of answers to find what they are looking for.

The new Conversational Designer offers a simplified way of building rich conversations based on entities, such as external data sources, in two steps:

  1. Create an Entity to link an external data source to the Bold360 ai Console.
  2. In the new Conversational Designer, define the conversational business logic on top of it.

Once you have the entities configured, the process requires minimal to no technical expertise, depending on the complexity of the conversation.

A completely new look for your channelling policies including new AND/OR operators for conditions

Now you can add more granularity to channelling conditions to combine multiple policies into one and leverage an additional condition layer. Add the same condition types separated by either AND or OR operators that give you the ability to define complex channelling rules.

We also gave a fresh look to both the channel list and editor views. Now you can get all the necessary information just by looking at your channel list and opening the new tooltip. When it comes to editing a channel.

Note: All existing policies have the new layout but no functionality is removed.

Simplified textural feedback submission in Instant Feedback

Customers can now start typing their feedback immediately after they select the negative feedback option.


Customize the feedback texts

You can now customize the feedback requests your bot sends to customers.

Android Harmony SDK

You can now push changes to the name and thumbnail icons of your bots without having to create a new mobile release.

iOS and Android Harmony SDK present greeting and unavailability messages defined in the Admin Console

You can now push changes to the greeting and unavailable messages presented in your app without having to create a new mobile release.

iOS and Android Harmony SDK – message arrival callbacks

You can now receive callbacks on message arrivals from the UI SDK allowing you to attach notifications if the chat view is not visible.

Chat availability checking is available in the iOS and Android Harmony SDKs

The Chat availability checking option is now presented in the iOS and Android Harmony SDKs.


Beta features

Important: The following features are available for Beta customers only. Contact your Success Manager to try these features.

Voice Ownership

When editing content, you can now mark an article for adjustment and then assign it to a content owner later.

Deleting a voice has an X icon

An X now appears next to a voice that you can delete.

The Channeling icon has a Counter

In Search Optimizer 2.0, the Channeling icon now displays a number for how many times a voice was channelled.

More details added to the Voice panel

In Search Optimizer 2.0, the Voice panel contains more details about where a voice came from.

Editing a voice before adding it as a phrasing to an existing article

In Search Optimizer 2.0, you can edit the voice before adding it to an existing article.

Negative phrasings

In the new Article Editor and in Search Optimizer 2.0, you can add Negative phrases, which tells the bots what voices an article does not answer.