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New Features in Bold360 ai

Bold360 ai version 4.94 contains the following new enhancements:

Note: These features are currently available on servers in India only.

Official release for Search Optimizer 2.0 on Servers in India

Search Optimizer 2.0 is now generally available as a standard feature. Search Optimizer 2.0 does not replace Search Optimizer (1.0) but offers extended functionality for optimizing your knowledge base to customers’ needs.

Visual feedback for user permission-related errors

You can now see an error message when you try to perform an action in the Console that your Access Control settings do not permit.

Select an Article as Quick Action 

Until now, you could only enter an Article ID as Quick Action for an article. From now on, you can link an article by name to make it easier to define Quick Actions.

List dependent Entities in the Article Editor

Until now, only those properties of Entities were shown that were explicitly used in an article. As of now, in the Article Editor, you can also view the properties of dependent Entities, where one Entity uses another Entity’s properties for answering customer queries. This helps content managers have visibility over all the questions that customers may receive during a conversation.

List and check availability of departments in the iOS and Android Harmony SDK

The following improvements have been added to Harmony SDK:

  • You can check the availability of departments without starting a chat
  • You can automatically select an available department before opening the chat widget

Display previous chats in the widget with the iOS and Android Harmony SDK

You can now record chat IDs when chats are started in the widget. Based on these IDs, you can view or display the history of a customer’s interaction.

Beta features

Important: The following features are available for Beta customers only. Contact your Success Manager to try these features.

View customer reactions in Search Optimizer 2.0 

The Answered section of Search Optimizer 2.0 has been further refined and it now offers an additional Reactions section. Reactions provide information on customer feedback and their general reaction to an answer that the bot provided. The Reaction column displays customers’ feedback on a specific article as follows:

  • Neutral: the difference between positive and negative feedback is no more than five.
  • Positive: the article has received at least 6 more positive than negative feedback
  • Negative: the article has received at least 6 more negative than positive feedback

See the new features that the previous release introduced: