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What is the difference between Entities and CSV Providers?

Both an Entity and a CSV Provider can present the same information to customers. They provide the conversational bot dynamic and personalization capabilities, to make customer experience effective, personalized, and valuable. When you have a CSV file to store your data, both an Entity and a Provider translate this data to a conversational experience in a very similar way.

However, there are also a few differences between an Entity and a Provider:

Filter data

While an Entity can filter data by more than one property, a Provider can do so based on only a single property.

Order of questions

A Provider always presents questions to the customer based on a pre-defined list that you can set. An Entity, on the other hand, automatically chooses the most logical order of the questions based on the information in the CSV data file.

Filter relevant information

A Property-based article always asks the customer all questions defined in the Property. However, the bot skips those questions that the customer has already answered in the query. 

For example, if the customer is looking for a black 3-door BMW and the dealership has only one 3-door BMW, then the bot will not ask the customer about the color of the car if you create an Entity-based article.

For information on creating a conversational article based on an Entity, see How to create conversational articles?