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How to create an API key?

API keys allow you to utilize the API capabilities in Bold360 ai.

An API key is a unique identifier that can be assigned to a third-party system for integrating with Bold360 ai services. You can define multiple API keys, and each one may have its own permissions.

To create an API key, do the following:

  1. Go to Admin Center > API keys tab and click Add API Key.
  2. Name your API key at the top of the page.
  3. Under Permissions, select the permissions for this API key.
    Important: When you define Write permissions, you must restrict access to either IP ranges or referrer domains.
  4. Under Allowed knowledge bases, select the Knowledge Bases that this API key can access.
  5. Under Allowed IP ranges, you can restrict access only to specific IP addresses or ranges. Enter either a single IP or a range of IPs. You can define one IP (range) per line.
  6. Under Allowed referers, you may restrict access to requests originating from specific referrer domains. Enter one domain per line.
  7. Click Save.

 Once you create an API key, you can use it to utilize API capabilities in Bold360 ai.